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You are not alone. Many clients find me after only temporary relief using symptom targeted care.  I understand that chronic pain and movement dysfunction has affected your entire life. With this in mind

  • I began to address all clients through a low cost, low risk consultation.
  • I utilize a mutifaceted, biopsychosocial lifestyle model based on research to target all stress that is feeding into the movement or lifestyle dysfunction.
  • I will not spend your time, my time or our money masking symptoms.
  • I guide you to work with social support through other healthcare providers and friends to find out where you are on the spectrum of holistic health
  • I want to listen to you and know your story.  I want to see how to integrate joy into physical goals immediately in order to develop an awareness of wellness. 

You can learn to work with your body's unique                              communication and restore mobility through subtle body listening, concentrated techniques, specialized exercises, natural pain relief ,and manual therapies like massage, fascia release, Kinesio taping, sensory integration, PNF, visceral manipulation, muscle energy and stretches. Pediatric and adult clients typically find their movement is restored without needing surgery. Within the first few sessions you can have a better understanding of your body and honor yourself for being the most important care provider on this team.

Quality of Life matters on A Spectrum of Health Care

My specialty is Maximizing Function through a mindful lifestyle

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